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Nathalie’s Nursing Dream: A Midlife Career Change

Nathalie Barr

Imagine this. You are 38, single, with 2 children, your 15-year- old son and 20-year- old daughter living at home. After many years of being a court reporter, you decided to finally go after the dream you have “always wanted”. You get admitted and progress through Hillsboro Community College AS nursing program to the last semester. For 2 years you have been juggling work, children, home and commuting to school and clinical days.

You finally get a great job in health care as a multi -skilled technician in intensive care working part time. The environment is super stimulating. The nurses are teaching a lot. You are truly enjoying being in intensive care. It’s so fascinating you find yourself working too much. As a result, you fail the last semester of nursing school.

Wow! A major emotional and financial setback. What to do now? Pick yourself up and keep going just like Nathalie Barr.

This strong young woman is spending the summer reviewing her textbooks and notes in preparation for repeat of semester 4 for this fall. Her determination is to become a registered nurse by January 2017. Eventually she would like to become a nurse anesthetist. Nathalie feels she can complete that goal in about six years. “I have learned that time will pass regardless of what you do, so you need to make the most of it. Now I see that that you just need to be consistent in pursuing your main goals.”

Nathalie credits the Community Foundation of Sarasota, Pell grants, and the encouragement of the Nurse Education Navigator as essential to her journey. Perhaps you are thinking of a career change in midlife like the one Nathalie will soon accomplish. It’s a big decision which takes major commitment and determination.

Nathalie Barr and is an exemplar of someone who chose to do just that. Watch her succeed as SNAC follows her through the next few months. January 2017, here we come!