Our Mission & Vision

The communities of Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee and Sarasota Counties will have access to quality healthcare provided by a diverse, highly educated and skilled workforce. Suncoast Nursing Action Coalition (SNAC) will provide leadership in advancing the nursing profession so that our region can access safe, high quality healthcare. The 2020-2022 Strategic Plan outlines the strategies and tactics to achieve the vision and mission of SNAC.

Regional Triad Model Structure for Local Work

Suncoast Nursing Action Coalition developed an innovative approach to improve the academic progression of nurses in the region called the Triad Model. The structure consists of healthcare employers, nursing schools/programs, and the community. Key leaders of all three areas became the core members of Suncoast Nursing Action Coalition. While membership has changed over time, the foundational structure of the Triad Model has continued to evolve and harness the strengths of all three entities.


Scholarships & Grants

The Suncoast Nursing Action Coalition scholarship application process occurs annually each calendar year. The applications will be available on this site. Other scholarship opportunities are listed in the “Resources” tab.

Nurse Navigator

A Nurse Education Navigator (NEN) is available to help you as you embark upon advancing your education in nursing. You can obtain information on many different nursing educational programs. The NEN can help you compare programs in terms of type of degree, resources for financial assistance and navigating the admission process.