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Collaborative success means viewing things through a new lens

Collaborative success means viewing things through a new lens
Collaborating isn’t just a good idea. It’s necessary because even relatively simple ecosystems cannot be understood from a singular perspective, and although collaboratives are often necessary for breakthrough solutions, the work can be challenging to navigate.For the past year and a half the Suncoast Nursing Action Coalition (SNAC) took the bold step to collaborate and create new solutions to our emerging healthcare needs. SNAC is part of a national campaign with 51 action coalitions. In our region, SNAC’s membership is composed of 20 community members, educators, and health care employers interested in designing pathways for nursing to contribute to the compelling need for change.

The Why and the How: For SNAC, collaboration was seen as essential from the outset because meaningful solutions require combining diverse talents, resources, and knowledge to optimize their capacity for breakthroughs. They had a common why: to lead change in nursing and health care delivery by facilitating the expanding role of nursing in a transforming health care system. However, once assembled, the big question was: how? How would this diverse group work together to create solutions.

Stages: Coalition development has been described as having seven stages: mobilization, establishing structure, building capacity for action, planning for action, implementation, refinement, and institutionalization. Although these stages appear to be sequential, in practice, movement is often circular and iterative through the stages. For example, SNAC developed a structure when it formed, but a year later as it matured its leaders are refining its structure to address its current needs.

Chapters: In addition to understanding a collaborative’s process as a series of stages, I have learned that fresh insights come from viewing a coalition’s evolution through an additional lens. I see it like the chapters … Continue Reading


American Nurse Practitioner Foundation Scholarships and Grant Announcement

American Nurse Practitioner Foundation Scholarships and Grant Announcement

ANPF is proud to announce our 2015 funding cycle is now open. We are offering 12 scholarships at $2,500 each for a total of $30,000. Our education funding opportunities are available to all nurse practitioners in the US. All DNP and NP students who have completed one semester of their program are encouraged to apply.

The scholarships are funded (in part) through a donation to American Nurse Practitioner Foundation by Take Care Health Systems, LLC, which is a subsidiary of Walgreen Co. and the management company for Healthcare Clinics at select Walgreens.

The Following Scholarship Awards Are Available:

  • 12 scholarships @ $2,500 each.

Scholarship Applicant Requirements:

All requests are due by 5:00pm CST Friday, October 9th, 2015.
All applicants must complete at least one semester of course work.
You will need the following information to apply:

  • CV.
  • Letter of Recommendation.
  • Official University transcript.
  • One page summary: Tell us a little about yourself and your goals upon graduation. Please include information about how funding will be used.