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From BSN to Nurse Practitioner … the journey begins for Kenneth Elliott

Kenneth Elliott RN, BSN

“I really wish more people were aware of the services available through SNAC and other Sarasota resources like the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. These exist to help provide unbiased resources and I am so glad I got connected to them. They gave me so many options to pursue and broaden the scope of my horizons.”

Kenneth Elliott decided to enter nursing after completion of a bachelor of science in biology and extensive education in premed. The accelerated BSN program at Keiser University was a good good fit for this gentleman and he graduated in August 2018. Soon afterwards Kenneth joined Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in Saint Petersburg to begin a one-year residency in pediatrics. Kenneth currently works full-time in the NICU and recently contacted SNAC’s Nurse Education Navigator to discuss potential pathways for graduate education. Kenneth had received both SNAC and CFSC scholarships to complete his nursing education.

“Talking to the nurse education navigator was huge for me. She knew what options were available locally and provided personal references to faculty and guidance counselors.  That help gave me a great foundation for consideration and my final decisions. I chose NOVA’s Advance practice mental health track available in Clearwater, Florida. The psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner is perfect for me as it combines the ability to practice addiction and dual recovery therapy and be able to counsel children as well. I am admitted for the spring semester 2021 and expect to graduate in the fall of 2023.  I’m so into this that I have already started studying the textbooks!”

“My goals included being able to go to school locally as I want to continue living in Sarasota and contributing to the community here. I plan to work in hospitals and clinics in Sarasota as a psychiatric nurse and then a nurse practitioner. I see a bright future for Advanced Practice Nurses and certainly the area of mental health practice is one that is growing exponentially. I’m very pleased with the choice of curriculum and the quality of the university.”

“I love the wide diversity of choices available within the nursing profession to expand as our needs and wants change over the years. Being able to practice in a field that is highly respected and provides a valuable service to humanity is an important aspect of the nursing profession. I feel privileged to be able to grow and change.”

Kenneth has decided to just go for it! Taking that big step into graduate school is one that may be right for you too! Contact SNAC’S Nurse Education Navigator today for personalized guidance and assistance: