Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need to find an accredited school of nursing to attend?

While there are many important factors when choosing a nursing program, accreditation must be the first step. Accredited nursing schools ensure quality education standards, a record of student success in preparing the student’s competency, knowledge, and skills to deliver safe and quality healthcare. It also allows students to receive federal financial aid, transfer of credits to other universities, attend graduate nursing programs, and job market competitiveness. If you should decide to advance your nursing education, chances are you may not be eligible to enroll if your undergraduate degree school is not accredited.

All Bachelor of Science schools of nursing in the SNAC areas of Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte and DeSoto are fully accredited by one of two nationally recognized nursing accreditation organizations:

You can find a list of all nationally accredited Baccalaureate in Nursing as well as graduated nursing programs at the nursing accreditation organizations websites.

Can I become a registered nurse without a Bachelor’s degree?

Yes, there are several pathways to becoming a registered nurse and achieving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree.

Your nursing pathway can start as a certified nursing assistant. You can progress to a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program, then a transitional program into an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) that will allow you to become a registered nurse. Further, you can complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program as a registered nurse by a traditional classroom or online format. A nursing assistant’s pathway to a BSN does take longer to complete, but it allows you to work in healthcare and earn money along your pathway to a Registered Nurse.

Why does SNAC believe registered nurses should have a Bachelor Degree in nursing?

SNAC is committed to increasing the percentage of bachelor prepared nurses within the counties of Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte and DeSoto.

Research has shown that better patient care outcomes are achieved as the educational level of nursing staff goes up. Facilities with a higher percentage of BSN nurses produce improved patient care outcomes.

I already have a college degree but not in nursing. How long will it take me to become a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor’s of Science degree?

If your bachelor’s degree included sufficient credits in science and math to meet the prerequisites for entry into an accelerated or second-degree BSN program, the completion time is approximately. Please note that program lengths vary by schools of nursing.

Can you tell me about the SNAC scholarship program?

SNAC awards Bachelor of Science scholarships annually to Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, and DeSoto county residents. The applications are received in the first quarter of each year, and due March 1. Scholarships of $2500 per year may be applied for while pursuing completion of a BSN in nursing at an accredited university. Registered nurses are also eligible to apply. It is recommended that you check for available tuition assistance at your place of employment. The SNAC scholarship does require that each recipient agree to work as a registered professional nurse within our four-county areas for two years following graduation. The annual scholarship application will be posted on SNAC’s homepage when it is available.

I am a registered nurse with many years of experience. How can I complete my Bachelor’s degree in nursing?

Associate degree graduates usually are able to matriculate directly into an RN to BSN program, which can be completed by a traditional classroom or online format. Please note that program lengths vary by schools of nursing.

I am a high school student interested in becoming a registered nurse. What type of curriculum do I need to take to prepare myself to enter a Bachelor’s degree in nursing?

Science, math and good reading and writing skills will be essential to getting admitted into a BSN program. Keep your grade point average high. Volunteering in a local healthcare facility is always useful for your resume.