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Agency: Community Foundation of Sarasota County

Since our founding by the Southwest Florida Estate Planning Council in 1979, the Community Foundation of Sarasota County has been making the important connection between individuals’ personal memories, passions and dreams, and the fulfillment of their charitable goals.
By actively listening to the desires of our donors, we help create permanent charitable funds that ensure people of vision have an enduring impact on our community and the causes they hold dear. Our motto — “Be the One” — reflects our deeply-held belief that anyone can be a philanthropist and give back to our community, regardless of means.
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Education is the gateway to a lifetime of opportunity. An investment in student success is an investment in our community’s future.

Scholarships are available to all students pursuing higher education and are designed to satisfy a wide variety of academic interests and fields. Scholarship applications are divided between students under 24 years of age and students 24 years of age or older