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Paulette’s Nursing Journey: Back to School

fullsizerender-2Most nurses would think Paulette Sita RN is sitting pretty!  Paulette, a Case Manager Supervisor, and husband Collins, a pharmacist, both are employed at Fawcett Memorial Hospital where they even get to have lunch together. Paulette’s nursing background includes expertise in GYN ONC at Sarasota Memorial and in hospice care at Tidwell hospice prior to the last several years as a Case Manager.  But this accomplished professional woman is not about to rest on her laurels.  It’s back to school for her!

This mother of four says “my main thing is for the children to see that if I can do it, they can do it.  It is so imperative to get a college education and anytime in life you can further yourself in whatever direction you want to take in your field. Shelby, 25, Eion, 20, Eric, 19 and Gavin, 16 were really young when I finished my first degree.  I see this as providing a positive role model for them and they will realize how much work is going into it. If mom can do it, they can too!”

“I am excited and a little bit nervous.  It’s been 13 years since I finished my RN and I was thinking about going back to school.  Bonnie Ziai, RN MSN, Director of Education, arranged a university day at Fawcett in June and I met the SNAC Nurse Education Navigator that day.  She steered me to a RN to MSN program with the case management specialty from American Sentinel University.  It was like fate was speaking to me!”

“I expect to be doing a lot of studying and learning which we do every day and I feel I will be able to draw on all my clinical experience as I complete the course work.  My associate degree from Manatee Community College was very broad and allowed me to become a registered nurse, but I especially like that this program is aimed at my actual career and I will be able to use it every single day.  I also know that the future of nursing is aimed at a bachelor’s degree for minimum entry into the field.”  Fawcett Memorial is a HCA Hospital and is emphasizing the importance of a bachelor’s degree for their nursing staff. HCA also provides substantial tuition assistance for both full and part-time employees.

“It’s amazing to see how much college has changed.  All my courses will be basically online and there’s an incredible amount of support from the University. I have already started with online forums to help with the technical aspects of distance education as well as things like a APA format.  The paths for advanced nursing education are so varied now. My advice to young nurses today is to explore the world of options for advanced practice available, it is incredible! “

Paulette begins her first semester September 19.  SNAC will keep you posted about her exciting journey as she completes a bachelor’s and master’s degree in nursing specializing in case management.  And of course Paulette is going to continue to work full time as a case manager at Fawcett, to be a mother of 4 and a wife and to live life to its fullest.  She’s just going to be doing a lot of studying as well!  Paulette is doing it.  You can too.  Contact your Nurse Education Navigator, Kate Garber, today and find out what professional nursing options are out there waiting for you.