Don’t Hesitate

Angela Vitale, PhD



Those are the first two words of advice coming from Angela Vitale PhD. Angela just graduated in August 2020 with her PhD in Nursing education from Walden University. Her four-year journey started in 2016 while working full-time as faculty at the Florida Southwestern State College associate degree program in nursing. “So many people are overwhelmed because they don’t want to think about the time needed to complete a doctoral degree and dissertation. But if you break it down into parts and work each part separately it will finally come together and you will have accomplished your goal! ” Support from family, friends and co-workers was important but equally essential was the financial support needed to go back to school. “I am so grateful for the financial support I received from my SNAC doctoral scholarship. The finances were amazing. The SNAC team made me feel so supported and elevated. That energy pushes you to get it done and keep going.” Angela encourages all nurses to go back to school. We need so many prepared nursing faculty to teach the next generation of nurses. We have so much wisdom to pass on and we must build talent and engender expertise in our professional nurses.”