If You Care Passionately, You Can Do It

Sue Zawacki, MSN



In 2017, Sue Zawaski RN BSN began working with the SNAC Nurse Educator Navigator (NEN) as she investigated options to help her complete her goal of earning a Masters degree in Nursing. Fast forward to August 2020 and with the help of the SNAC Graduate Nursing Scholarship, Sue graduated with her Master of Science in nursing leadership from the University of West Florida. The combination of desire and the right moment in life can lead to marvelous outcomes. "I was far from the normal traditional student, but I had thought about it for years and I finally decided. Sue's future plans incude publishing the work she is participating in to implement shared governance in a Hospice setting. "Shared governance is common in Magnet hospitals but almost unheard of in Hospice, so this is an exciting opportunity to share that process with the nursing community. I am also precepting a coworker who is now in the practicuum for her leadership capstone project. I just love that front line nurses are interestered in advancing their degree and Tidewell Hospice has been incredibly supportive".