Nurses and Students

The Suncoast Nursing Action Coalition is here to assist you in any way you need to plan your future in Nursing. The Nurse Navigator is available to provide you with the most up to date information about all different colleges in the four county area to help you “navigate” to your next steps. We want to walk you through college credit questions, financial issues, scholarships — really, any questions you may have.



How can the SNAC Nurse Education Navigator make a difference in your nursing career? BSN? MSN? DNP?

These stories will show the many paths taken to get to the same goal. You will find inspiration here.

Nursing is what she wanted and nursing is what she’s getting. Holly DiDomenico is one determined woman and she is forging ahead full steam to achieve her dream as a maternal child ARNP. To get there will take hard work and determination that this 40-year-old mother of four is on her way. Holly credits assistance from the Nurse Education Navigator to link her with The Community Foundation of Sarasota, the Woman’s Resource Center, the Women’s Exchange and other local resources. Holly utilized online sources like the Khan Academy and cites them as essential to her progress in taking exams. Pell grants are helping this single parent to juggle home, family life and school expenses. As an LPN who has not practiced for many years, Holly is excited to be back in patient care. She will matriculate into the fast track BSN at Keiser University in September. SNAC will keep you posted on Holly’s progress in the coming months.

IMG_0601(1)Here are Holly’s own words of advice and philosophy that helped her through this journey.

“Tough circumstances give us two choices. We can get bitter and quit. Or we can stand up and fight. When we choose to stand and fight it does not guarantee that there won’t be moments of weakness, moments that we stumble and fall or make a wrong turn. But in these fragile moments, we can choose to stand up and keep going, wiser, more focused and better equipped for the path ahead. “

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